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Town Pharmacy, a Pakistan Pharmacy Council Licensed healthcare company provides affordable health care in an easier and more intelligent approach. 

Our goal is to offer comprehensive pharmacy services that are both convenient and high-quality. By bringing genuine medications to patients’ doorsteps as soon as possible, by revolutionizing the idea of the retail pharmacy.

While the rest of the Town Pharmacy team works effortlessly to ensure that our excellent level of customer service is maintained so that you can access quality healthcare at the touch of a few clicks. 

Town Pharmacy is run by friendly, qualified staff who care about your health and the wellbeing of you and your family.

Town Pharmacy Pakistan Pharmacy

Our Vision

Our staff at Town Pharmacy is  constantly working to make sure that you, your family, and you may easily take care of your health. a collaboration of tech and medical experts with the aim of enabling quick and simple access to high-quality healthcare across Pakistan.

Our goal is to provide people whose lives don’t fit the moulid healthcare that makes a difference.

Our goal is to offer a simple yet effective service so that quality healthcare can be accessed from anywhere and authentic drugs can be delivered to your doorstep wherever you may be in Pakistan, whether it be for those with chronic ailments or people who reside in remote rural areas.

Our Values

Since happy clients are our greatest asset, we place a high priority on our relationship with them.

Our most valuable resource is the development of a highly focused, skilled, and dedicated work force.

For our cherished clients, constant innovation is a core value that helps us deliver the most competitive and effective services.
Through the use of cutting-edge software, the online web portal Town Pharmacy provides users with a variety of healthcare goods and services. The main goal of the portal https://townpharmacy.pk, which was launched in August 2022, is to offer its customers convenient and affordable health and wellness solutions while also fostering loyalty and trust through first-rate customer service, such as doorstep delivery, cold-chain product protocol and more

Town Pharmacy

Town Pharmacy



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